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There are so many of you out there, hustling everyday to get enough work, mostly doing break fix, and without the recurring revenue model that makes bigger MSPs profitable.  

Starting out on your own is an incredible challenge, but not a foolish one.

Are you currently providing a break-fix IT support service and want to transition to managed IT services?

Growing your one man MSP into a multi person team is an extremely daunting task. Cashflow alone can be a big enough deterrent for many to avoid even trying, but there are plenty of reasons to take the plunge, not least… 

Going it alone is a crazy person’s game!

If you only do break fix you need to spend a whole heap of time every day – marketing, networking and chasing work. This is an incredibly admirable attribute, but as every client is possibly a one off only, the cost of acquisition is really high. 

But what if your one-man-band does offer managed services? You cannot take a sick day, cannot respond to multiple incidents at one time and have nobody to back you up if you hit a major issue or are swimming beyond your skill level.

Most business clients who are serious about their IT infrastructure will hesitate to engage a single person MSP due to the risk to the business if something happens to that person. When you offer managed services you are taking ownership over your clients technology. 

We can help!

Virtual CIO Group augments Australian MSPs of any size to take their next steps in growth, while remaining in complete control of their own business. 

We provide what you need to grow your support business without losing your mind in the process.

We provide:

  • Access to a team of skilled, Australian based level 1, 2 and 3 support technicians.
  • Supply of legal material such as support contracts, SLAs, non-competes etc.
  • Information and guidance on emerging cyber threats and industry alerts.
  • White label marketing material for sending to your clients.
  • Access to on-sellable private cloud products at 10% commission.
  • Access to on-sellable hosted mail products at 10% commission
  • Your very own online store that sits as a subdomain of your current website with your branding, automatically populated with products from our suppliers with 10% commission on all sales going directly to you.
  • Dirt cheap sales and support of our server appliances, allowing you to bring enterprise domain management to even the smallest networks. 
  • Expert advice for designing robust business networks.
  • Hosted network and device monitoring suite with custom dashboards for client visibility.
  • Your own client support portal with ticketing system and integrated CMDB and knowledge base. 
  • Your own phone receptionist to answer with your business name and record messages and log jobs as required.

All of the above are modular options. You only take on what you need, when you need it. 

You own your clients. You do your own branding and sales, you are still the boss. We just help you overcome the hurdles that might be stopping you from growing.

We will only take one MSP per geographic area, so get in touch to find out more. 

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