growth is good and little seeds grow big things

If you are reading this than you probably own your own IT support business.

Congratulations. It’s a tough job and you get to do it.

Virtual CIO Group are here to help you grow.

Think of what you do well

You are great at the hustle. You bring in work and you damn well do it well. You have great relationships with your clients and they love your service.

But sometimes it would be nice to not have to do everything yourself…

Now think of what you could do with a team at your disposal

Virtual CIO Group help you to grow your one-man IT support business into a full service Managed Service Provider – without all the overheads.

We provide you with everything you could want to give your business the help it needs to grow to the next level. from on demand staffing, server resources, marketing materials and expert advice through to access to our hardware suppliers through your own online store, and your own branded ticketing portal and CMDB.

We empower the transition from Break-Fix to Managed Services and beyond.