a team when you need it don't go it alone

Everybody wants to leave break-fix behind, and become an MSP

The best clients to have are business clients on a contract. You solve their IT problems every month (so they can work), and they pay you every month (so you can eat).

Once you have a handful of good business clients on a contract you won’t be spending all of your time chasing new work, and can start to concentrate on business growth.

There are some caveats however…

When a business outsources their IT to you, they are trusting that you will be available when they need you, and be able to provide the services they need.

Feeling unwell or have sick family member?

Want to go on holiday?

Want to sleep in on a Sunday morning?

Many businesses won’t even engage a one person MSP as the risk to their business is to great if something was to happen to you.

Hiring staff is a challenge all of its own . You need enough work to keep them busy so that they pay for themselves, so you either need to do two peoples worth of work while you get to this point, or you don’t pay your self anything while you double your client base.

And the worst caveat of all? What happens if your business client suffers an IT incident that is beyond your knowledge and skill level?

Going it alone is very hard.

don't be a one man band virtual cio group augment your team and are a subscription not a franchise
The thing about being a one man band is that no matter how many instruments you may be able to play, you can only ever play so many at once.

Where we step in.

Virtual CIO Group have a team of senior IT technicians with specialisations across the IT spectrum. If you are a member of our subscription service we provide on demand staffing to meet your needs.

Need an expert for an hour to get you out of a sticky situation? Just give us a call.

Need to take a week off and want to divert your phone and email to us? We can do it.

Need advice on how to respond to an incident, manage a project or take advantage of an opportunity? We can help.

Our team are all located within Australia, all highly qualified and experienced and we have experts in every field from systems administration to application development.

We become your team so you can grow your business – without the overhead costs of full time staff.